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21 Days to FREEDOM


As I set with my pen to be the ready writer that the Father is looking for, I have asked for the wisdom to deal with the STRONGHOLDS that hold us Captive. It takes  21 days  to develop a habit, whether it be good or bad. So therefor it takes 21 days to break a habit.  So come seek the Father with me in this daily devotional to shatter the strongholds the enemy has placed in our lives. 

These strongholds have hindered us from moving forward and have stopped us short on walking into the full VICTORY the Father has for our lives!  

They stalk us day and night though doors of pain, sickness and mental anguish. Generational  curses we know nothing about need to be broken. I am asking you to take 21 minutes for 21days to ask, seek, knock and receive the freedom that you deserve. Reflect on the Scriptures and what they mean to you in your daily walk. You need to confess your sins then you need to repent of your sins and finallly listen to the Lord ... and walk in the  love he has for you.  Lets us enter in .



PSALMS 106:1-11

.....So, he saved them for the hand of the foe and redeemend them from the power of the enemy !  And the waters covered their adversaries! NOT ONE WAS LEFT!

As we ponder these words written by King David, he stated that we and our  fathers have sinned, looks like generational confession and repentance. Once that is done we can enter into the Salvations and the redeemption he has for our lives. 

Why are we so quick to doubt that he will show up for us? After all we are his own. I can only relate from my own experiences ,  that it comes from insecurity which is from abandoment. So if that is something you struggle with lets lay it down today. He said in the Bible he will never leave us nor will he forsake us.  We get wrapped up a web of fears and cannot move.

We need to learn to TRUST,  yes I said trust, That is a hard thing to do especially since you had every other thing going on. But TRUST is necessary for  us to see him cover us from all adversaries. Ask him to forgive you today for not trusting him once and for all. So that you may be saved from the enemies that stalk you and from every evil power of the enemy that drives your insecurities .

Then  you will look and see the same God that shattered the enemies of old is still able to do for you when you ask him. Ask him to teach you to trust again. It starts with you trusting him to be Lord of your life in every area it is not hard just ask and recieve  . 

Romans 10:9-10

Broken Hearted

Psalm 147:3 

               He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.

Have you ever had someone say something to you that was so mean that shattered your soul deep within you? The pain is one that cannot be explained.    Or have you lost a loved one , been abused mentally, emotionally or physically.  Being shattered in your soul is such a deep place that no one can get to. Not a natural Doctor can fix it, not a therapist although they may try  only to open wounds a bit deeper and they fester more. But there is one  that can take all the broken pieces  of your heart  that has been shattered  over time  and not only that  he can ut those shattered pieces back where he created them to be . He heals the wounds that caused  them. 

So why wouldn't we want to serve a God like that? 

I dare you today to be real  with him in your confession and forgive those that hurt you . Then the healing process can begin that is where it starts.

He Binds up our wounds and there are no scars when he does it . He loves you unconditionally with a love that is endless.

He is waiting for you to ask him . Meditate on the wounds that he took for you so that yours could be healed. 

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