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Pastor Darryl J Smith

Pastor Darryl J. Smith

We are available for speaking engagements. Contact us online or by phone .

Prophetess Victoria Keepes-Smith

The WORD Center, Inc is the home of the 

Kingdom Dominion Prophetic School of Mini​stry

A  School with the Prophetic Ministry in mind. Creating a safe place for the ministry to be developed in you with the WORD as your foundation. Send us your email address if you are interested.

* Preregistration is required - Thursday 6:30-7:30PM - via Zoom

A-Z Ministry Readiness                     2 Year Program

Sons of Jacob  in ​the Latter Days 

Pastor Darryl is training the next generation of men to walk in the Blessing of the Lord. 

Equipping Godly Men to be Fathers, Sons, Businessmen ,and  Husbands"to walk in the Integrity of Christ . 


Voice of the Prophetess Broadcast

An encouraging WORD as the Lord releases for you to have 

Understanding God's Prophetic Alignment for your Assignment.

Saturday 12:30-1:00PM  

  • Facebook Live

  • Youtube  (


The W.O.R.D. Center is a place where Our Redeemer Delivers the captives! 

Pastor Darryl and Victoria Teach on the  7 Foundations of Deliverance! 

Allowing the people to be totally free from the bondages of sin. 

So they can walk in the full Freedom in their destiny.

Sunday  11:00AM-12:30PM

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