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Our Purpose and Mission

We Have Been Created For Such A Time As T​his!

Operating in the Apostolic and the Prophetic - Taking this generation to the next level

Our Vision

Our History

We have been blessed by God to create disciples and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with as many as we can before his Glorious return. 

Operating in the Apostolic and Prophetic Mandate to encourage and equip generations of leaders through the Word of God. Becoming rooted and grounded in the solid word of Jesus Christ. 

To establish safe places of ministry for the education of the Body of Christ. Operating in the gifts and creative arts of the Holy Spirit.

We serve a CREATIVE GOD.

Music, Art, Dance, Designs......the list is too vast !

Come,  connect  & seek the Lord - Let us help you find your unique gift in the Body so you can be complete in him!

Our history together we have served our community for over 25 years in the capacity of Church, Outreach, Feeding through Angel Food, Access Center for Social Services, A Christian ACADEMY for youth. At present we have moved in a different direction to meet the growing needs of the community through media.

We still have services once a Month at a location suitable to the crowd. 

We understand the busyness of life and want to accommodate  you through  YouTube, FB,   and our  Online School of Ministry.

 It is an exciting time we are living in and we  want to use every avenue we can to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ . By doing so, it has given us  the time to mentor those who are ready to launch their ministries. We will  train  you to get there. We will not leave you wondering.........


Our Future

We are excited to share the future of The WORD Center with you. We are looking forward to a permanent place to implement our vision for the next generation a safe environment to grow, be established in their faith and confidence to be sent forth into the Harvest Field and further the cause of the Kingdom of God.

At present we are raising money to build that place.

We need $50,000.00+ to move forward. We want to build a Christian Retreat Center to bring the youth form the inner cities to camp in the summer and  a Training Center for the ministry teams for Teaching, Preaching, Music, Arts, Evangelism and how to be Self sufficient  in ministries for the future. 

If you would like to donate Property our goal is North Carolina. But we are open to other locations as well. 

 If you would like to sow into this ground,  this is good ground.

We are a 501c3 tax exempt ministry and all donations/contributions will receive documentation for your tax credit information. We accept all donations no matter how small, we are grateful for all the Father has done, this all belongs to him! If you would like more information please call our office and  we will be glad to share. 

Thank you in advance!

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